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Doing IT Better

Wij werken uitsluitend voor Nederlandse klanten | We work exclusively for Dutch customers

we specialize in world-class, seamless and efficent development through our dedicated on-demand team of experts



Founding each realtionship on trust and reliability and building on integrity.



Treat others with kind and culture manners thus showing care and establishing respect as a culture.



Learn each day, grow day by day. Be curious, dare to challenge fail fast and pivot allowing growth.



Create together, seeking different prespectives, sharing, invloving, and helping each other succeed.


New Website Soft Launch

We are more than happy to announce the soft launch of our newly designed website! As Melior evolves, the new design aligns to its values and vision. With a mission ...

November 9 2022

Melior Collaborates with NOWPDP

Melior and NOWPDP collaborate to organize a “Disability Sensitization Training” for Melior employees to better understand the People with Disabilities.

August 16 2022

Trip to the Sharan Shogran Hilltop

Working better starts from living better and with the consistent improvement on your lifestyle provided from adequate outdoor activities

October 28 2022

PanIQ Escape Room Islamabad

Building a great team environment doesn’t happen overnight and merely coexisting around subjectively wonderful people does not suffice.

June 15 2022